Our Services

Magnetic Particle Testing
Grips, hangers & carriers
Bullwheel & tower welds
Gearbox components

Ultrasonic Testing
DT-series hanger axles
Bullwheel shafts & welds
Tower pivot shafts, base welds & bolts
Tower tube thickness measurements

Eddy Current Testing
Painted hangers & chairs
Painted bullwheel & tower welds
Aluminum sheave hubs

Liquid Penetrant Testing
Mueller grip housings
Stainless steel & aluminum parts

Detachable Grip Rebuilds

Hall Grip Rebuilds

Visual & Dimensional Inspection

Additional Services:

Lift Structural Painting For Towers, Terminals & Chairs


Level III Services
Training and examination
Procedure development
Program auditing

Calibration Services
Torque wrenches
Calipers & micrometers

Torque wrench calibrations are performed per the ISO 6789 Standard on 3/8" to 1" drive torque wrenches, up to 1,100 ft-lb (1,500 Nm) capacity.

Calibration can usually be performed at your location, saving you time and shipping costs and keeping your wrenches where you need them.

A detailed certificate of calibration is provided for each wrench, along with a dated calibration sticker on the wrench.

Other Calibrations
Dynamometers and scales up tp 20,000 lbs
Actual output of torque multipliers can be accurately determined
Dial and digital calipers and micrometers

Aerial NDT Inspection, Inc.

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